Technical Backstopping in Extension Services and Production 

The main Collaborators in this area are Ministry of Agriculture.

Farmer Sensitization, Recruitment and Fruit production

KPPL works in collaboration with Great Lakes Breeders Limited (GLBL) who sensitize, recruit and coordinate the pawpaw production process as well as harvesting in Western Kenya. GLBL is under the able leadership of  Thomas Openda and Alexander Ondieki based in Nyamira county. Together, we have managed to sensitize 1,300 and contracted 200 farmers. They are also responsible for clustering farmers in manageable groups for training and fruit collection purposes.



Trade and Industries – Export Promotion Council (EPC and Hamusavi Mushroom Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd.

Quality Control and Audits

LarbCorpt Laboratories Limited, an ISO 17025 certified laboratory, conducts process audits, product testing and ensures conformity to international standards.

Standards Control 

Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), Kenya Plants Health Inspection Services (KEPHIS) Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA) is statutory bodies involved in product development and quality control. And KIRDI) in the field of processing technology transfer.

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