1. Provide  organic fertilizer for planting and top dressing of the paw paws and other crops
  2. Increase the number of beneficiaries up to 50,000 farmers each planting 100 pawpaw trees with each sub-county producing 10,000 farmers. With 5,000,000 trees in the County, there will be enough materials for the factory though this will not be enough but it will be a starting point which will lead to the expansion of the project to the neighboring counties.
  3. Employment of more than 25,000 people in the fields of production, processing, transport and marketing will be available.
  4. Increase income in the people’s pockets through latex harvesting which starts from the 7th month after planting. The farmer is expected to harvest 10 kgs of latex weekly meaning he/she will be able to have 40 kgs monthly at a price of Kshs. 200.00/kg translating to Kshs.8, 000.00 per month. This will mean the farmer will be having an annual income of Kshs.96, 000.00 from latex. From the 10th month, he/she will start delivering both fruits and the latex. With an average of 100 fruits from every tree, it is expected that a total of 10,000 fruits will be realized. If the farmer sales the same at 20.00 per fruit, then a total income of Kshs. 200,000.00 is realized giving it a total income of Kshs 296,000.00 annually earning the farmer Kshs. 810.96 per day. This will make the farmer earn above the world’s minimum wage of US$1 dollar per day.
  5. With the expansion of the pawpaw plants, there will be a lot of nectar production which should be harvested by the bees for honey production. We expect to provide each farmer with at list 1 bee hive. This will give the farmer another income. We estimate that each hive will be producing 50 kgs per annum selling at Kshs. 1,000.00/kg, meaning the farmer will have increased his/her income by Kshs60, 000.00. We shall have honey in abundance to use as a preservative as well as a sweetener during the processing of jam.
  6. Increase the production of ganoderma mushrooms for the processing of the jam. With the use of honey and garnoderma mushrooms which are highly medicinal our jam is going to be a unique product for we shall not be using the industrial sugar but having a product that is chemical free and hence high income to the farmer.
  7. Encourage the farmers to strengthen their savings through their co-operative society for further investments.
  8. Increase our level of products development by processing beverages like coffee, tea, soya, soya coffee but all with ganoderma mushrooms to expand our market scope.
  9. We shall provide farmers with trainings in new technologies like hydroponic and aquaponic i.e. production of crops and fish without using soil and ponds respectively.


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