Pawpaw Production and Processing

Ganoderma mushroom (also known as Reishi) was known as food for the gods by the ancient Egyptian civilization. In ancient Chinese culture, it has been know to both prevent and treat several conditions including boosting immunity, anti fungal & anti cancer properties, anti-aging, prevents cardiac conditions, diabetes, treats hypertension and lowers cholesterol. The mushroom is an adaptogen, meaning it optimizes the body’s physiological state, which is why it has anti-fatigue effect. We have ganoderma (reishi) in all our edible products to serve as both preventive and medicinal purposes without affecting the taste. A combination of our Deina ganoderma blended black tea with Deina papaya jam is a power breakfast that will leave a pleasant taste in your mouth and keep you energized and protected all day.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”– Hippocrates


Ganoderma mushroom(reishi)

Ganoderma (Reishi) Mushroom
Ganoderma (Reishi) Mushroom

The main customers of the products range from individuals to big manufacturing companies.

  • Deina Natural Papaya Jam
    Natural preservative free papaya jam blended with ganoderma mushroom extract to boost immunity. Supermarkets, regional- East Africa, COMESA and IGAD while the international markets include Middle East, Europe, Far East and US.
  • Latex:
    Main consumers of the product are brewing companies, detergent manufacturers, meat processors, pharmaceutical firms, laundries, photographic laboratories, bakers and hotel industries.
  • Papaya Leaf Tea: Papaya Leaf tea is another product that is of high medicinal value
  • Papaya Seed Oil:
    Main consumers of the product are cosmetic manufacturers
  • Papaya:
    Main consumers of the product are cake for the animal feeds manufacturers and for pharmaceutical firms
  • Papaya cubes and slices:
    We also have papaya cubes and slices with a deep, rich and delicious flavour
  • Ganoderma mushroom (reishi) blended black tea:
  • Ganoderma blended black tea is another product that completes your power breakfast. It is available in 25 teabags in a 50g packaging as well as 100g of loose tea packaging

Currently we have distributed to farmers up to 15,000 seedlings which we are going to collect latex from farmers by September this year and start processing while the fruits will be ready for processing in November.

We are currently processing jam from the existing pawpaw trees.

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